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good kids' conditioner for longer hair?

My DD did not have any hair until after age 3 (in fact at 4 the front STILL isn't long enough to go into a single ponytail & I have never had it cut more than the very very ends) so I never had to worry about hair much...but now that it is longer I am noticing that the california baby conditioner I have been using doesn't really seem to do much, her hair always feels kind of dry & not very soft... I try to use the more natural type products like california baby, burts bees, and don't want to spend a TON (MH gives me a hard time already about the cost of CB body wash) but does anyone have a good rec for tear free conditioner for little girls?

Re: good kids' conditioner for longer hair?

  • We've been happy with Suave Kids 2 in 1 - it is tear free.  The one that we currently smells like coconuts and has a monkey on the front.  DD's hair is very prone to tangles...  we've been happy with the results since we switched from Burt's Bees.

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  • Yes, the CA Baby doesn't do it for us anymore. DD has long, fine, straight hair, and I use the Suave 2 in 1 AND a conditioner. I get the Fairy Tales stuff from our kids' salon and it's the only thing other than my "grown up" conditioner that seems to work so far. I like it, and it smells nice, too. A bottle is like $10 but it lasts a really long time. We also tried Jason Organics, and it smelled great but didn't do enough detangling. Good luck!
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  • I have the best luck using my conditioner in the girls' hair.
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  • My dd has curly ringlets in her hair which falls to the middle of her back when dry (its waaay long when wet)... I have to use conditioner to get a brush/comb through and have had luck with the L'Oreal kids line....

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  • I like "it's a 10" and "not your mothers" they both smell amazing.
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