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I feel like this name has become way more of a girls name. My grandpas name was Casey and I knew a boy named Casey in high school. Since then, I have only met girls with that name. There's Kasey Kahne, the NASCAR driver.... Does spelling it with a K make it more of a boy name? What do you think.... Boy or girl name?

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  • Boy name.

    No K. K just makes it sound like someone was trying to be youneek

  • I go by K.C. my initials :)
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  • I don't mind Casey on a girl personally. As a little girl I wanted to name my daughters Alexandra and Casey. Now I have a brother Alex and a step cousin Casey. Name dreams smashed. Haha. 

    If you do use Casey on a girl it needs to be a C not a K
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  • The name is NMS, but I prefer it for a boy. Please just spell it correctly.
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  • I know way more girl Caseys than boys. Spelt every single way- Casey, Kasey, Kaysi, Kasi, Kacey. Only one boy Casey.

    I think most names that are supposed to start with a C lose complete masculinity when replacing with K. It's like substituting a Y for a vowel. Girly and unnecessary.

  • I know 2 Caseys (both male) and one Kasey (female). I prefer Casey, and think it's a male name.
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  • I know two men named Casey and 1 girl named Kacey. Casey is actually both of the men's middle names but they went by Casey.

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  • Like Kelly, Casey is unisex because I know both men and women my age with that name. I don't think misspelling it makes it more feminine or masculine, it just makes it look cheesy and misspelled.
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  • I know a male Casey and a female Kasey..I've also seen it spelled Casie.
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  • Interesting! I asked because I would consider using this name for a boy since it has a family connection, but I think DH would veto it since one of his best friends is a female Casey. I don't think I like it as much on a girl though.
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