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Spotting for DAYS!

I'm about 4 - 5 weeks pregnant and the spotting is really starting to gross me out.  When does it stop?  I found out that I was pregnant very early 9 dpo.  The spotting has been off and on since.  Yesterday I had some mild cramping.  I tried not to get too scared.  No red blood. No clots.  Just a lot of brown sludge, for lack of a better way of putting it.

Is anyone else experiencing this too?

Re: Spotting for DAYS!

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    I have had brown spotting for 3 weeks now. Doctors told me not to worry unless I had cramps so bad I couldn't stand or was bleeding so much I soaked through a pad an hour. I agree, it really sucks. I ruined a bunch of underwear thinking I finally stopped spotting when I didn't. Good luck!

    ETA: I am 8 and a half weeks now, so I've been spotting since about 5 weeks.
  • That's good to know.  Thanks.  
  • Ugh. Spotting while KU sucks. With DD, I spotted everyday for several weeks in a row in the first tri. Pantyliners were my friends.
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