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Dealing with whole process :(

Sry so long!
I had a m/c at almost 7wks. Had brown discharge for a few days & it progressively got heavier with some blood. Being a first timer, I called my obgyn & made an appointment for asap. I had no idea if I should be really scared or not, especially since I read so many conflicting stories everywhere. At our visit, we saw the heartbeat & Dr said everything looked fine, just take it easy & if anything changed call in or go to ER. Well, the next day, discharge become much brighter blood :( but no cramps at all, so I figured I'd see how the weekend went & I'd go see my doctor or ER on Monday. Made it through the weekend with exact same situation ... but on Monday, the cramps suddenly kicked in & were VERY intense. I knew I was miscarrying :( Went straight to ER & ended up passing the baby & sac completely in tact. I felt very numb through that whole process. I think even though I already knew what it was (due to the onset of the intense cramps), that I was in shock & felt I needed to be extra strong for my fiancé bc he took it extremely hard & basically fell apart. The whole experience of this preg was such a roller coaster of emotions. I felt very numb/empty for the following 2wks. I'm still very sad (still have random cries) & figuring out how to deal with it, but I'm slowly feeling like I'm getting out of the numb/empty phase. Thank goodness. It's been 3 1/2wks since the day of m/c & I THINK I'm already experiencing AF, as of yesterday? I know every woman is different, but this seems soon & doesn't sound like the AF I was expecting after most of the experiences I've read on here. No cramps so far, no pain at all. Seems pretty normal amount of blood in comparison to my regular AF before preg. Very light clots sometimes. Hoping this is it but idk?? It's hard to know exactly what's going on when everyone can have such a wide range of experiences.

Re: Dealing with whole process :(

  • Sorry for your loss. My 1st AF post mc was pretty normal for me and only 32 days from the day I started the mc.
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