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Anabelle vs. Anabella

Which one goes with last name that sounds like 'kerri'

I like long names, my dd is named Elizabeth, so she has a four syllable name. I'm thinking anabelle
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Re: Anabelle vs. Anabella

  • I'd choose Anabelle.
  • I love Annabelle. Of course it's DD's name so I'm biased :)
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  • Annabelle for sure.
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  • Annabelle
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  • Annabelle
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  • I prefer Anabelle.
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  • Anabelle. It's already a kind of singsongy name (I really love it though), but I think making it rhyming as well (the Anna and the bella) is too much. You can always call her that as a nickname/pet name. I also think Anabelle is the better choice with your last name. 
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  • I like Annabelle better than Annabella but I prefer both spelled with two n's.

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  • I love Anabelle! The "a" is just too much and ruins it.

  • Annabella.

    Why one N?

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