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Morning sickness medication

Hi ladies,

I am 12 weeks and since I found out I was pregnant (about 4 weeks) up until Tuesday. I have lost 8 lbs with all my throwing up from morning sickness. My OB prescribed me Zofran for the nausea. Have any of you used it and what were the results? This is my 2nd day on it, and I have not gotten sick, but still notice nausea. Just wondering if anyone has tried it or any other drug/remedy

xoxo, B

Re: Morning sickness medication

  • Oh yes, I was prescribed Zofran and it worked for me!  I, thankfully, am not needing it as much as before but it got me through some really tough times.  I started taking it around 7 weeks and now am at 11w and find I don't need it that often and when I do feel sick it's manageable.
    I tried everything suggested for nausea before turning to medication and I still was in a terrible state so Zofran is indeed the only thing that worked for me.  The only thing I would say is that it can really cause constipation, at least in my case - altho it seems I'm prone to this anyway these days.  Just be careful about that.

  • I started it @ 5weeks and it has helped me big time. I wish you lots of relief from it, I know the nausea is a rough one. :((
  • Zofran took away enough of the vomiting urge that I could eat and keep it down, but the nausea hasn't gone anywhere. Hope you feel better soon! (Side note: Zofran makes lots of women very backed up, so drink tons of liquids and take fiber if you want)
  • I was extremley sick all nine months with my daughter.  I had to take Zofran at least once a day and unisom every night just so I could function.  I never got backed up or anything though.  So far with this pregnancy, my nausea hasn't been as bad as it was before.  But I still have to take Zofran occasionaly so I don't puke.  I have been getting a little backed up this time though, which is weird cause it never happened to me before.  So I just drink hot apple cider, lots of fluid, exercise, and take a stool softner if necessary.  Better than throwing up in my opinion. 

    Ask if your doc if you can take unisom too.  It was developed as an anti-nausea medicine but was discovered to make people very drowsy.  It is safe to take while pregnant and non-habit forming.  I was able to drop it immediatley after giving birth to my daughter, no problem. 

    I like to do things like suck on hard candy (jolly ranchers), or each peach sorbet before taking a zofran.  Sometimes it helps and I don't need it. 

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  • I got great results with Reglan. Zofran wouldn't even touch my nausea. Within 24 hours of starting the Reglan, I was completely normal, and able to eat. Such a relief, because I had lost 20 lbs. I literally could not eat anything. I couldn't drink anything. I have never been so sick in my life. Just FYI--If I didn't take the Reglan every 6 hours, round the clock, I was in trouble. I had to set my alarm at night to wake up to take it. It was worth it, though.
  • My doctor also proscribed me Zofran but for some reason I was not to sure if I should that it. In instead my physician recommend me to take vitamin D-6 and is being working great, but the same as everyone else I'm still suffering from nausea
  • i am also on Zofran.  my nausea is still the same (horrible) but it keeps me from vomiting.  i'm also on prenatals with extra B6 but they do nothing for the nausea. 
  • Have you tried taking it the moment you wake up? If I take it mid-day it helps a little, but if I take it the minute I get up it helps a lot and lasts almost the whole work day.


  • I was on Zofran from week 6 until about week 9 when it stop working, my doctor put me on phenergan, B-6 and Unisom which helped for a day or two but stopped. Most that combo did was make me tired on top of sick..

  • My doctor prescribed zofran at around 7 1/2 weeks and it became my best friend. It was bad enough before the zofran that I wasn't able to keep water down anymore. It started out totally taking my nausea away, after a couple weeks, I had a level of nausea that was minimal, annoying and still very strong food aversions but no more throwing up. Before the zofran I had tried unisom and b6, but it stopped working after a few days. If it's not totally taking away your nausea, experiment with alternate remedies while on zofran. I don't mean other types of meds... I mean food! I found that cherry coke worked wonders and when I got sick of it, I was constantly eating altoids or other mint candies. It helped! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon :-)
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