while I'm thinking of teeth... Please come in to discuss — The Bump

while I'm thinking of teeth... Please come in to discuss


My DH's nephew gets $5-$10 per tooth. WTF?! is my thought. 

How much was normal when you were a kid? 
How much is normal/what you do or are planning on giving your kid? 

I'm sorry. I'm thinking $1 per tooth (max) 

Re: while I'm thinking of teeth... Please come in to discuss

  • We got like $5-10 for the first tooth and then $1 for every tooth after that.
  • We give a $1 gold coin.
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    I don't remember what I got, maybe a dollar. I paid DD $5/tooth. When she lost her first tooth that was all I had on me and then I felt like since I had set the precedent I might as well keep it up.

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  • My teen still has her gold coins. She won't spend them. I asked her why not and she said because they were from the tooth fairy. I confirmed with her that she knew the tooth fairy wasn't real. lol They are just part of a special childhood memory, I guess.
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    I got quarter per tooth.  DD got $5 first & $2 for the rest...except for last time when the neighbor told her if she got it out that day the tooth fairy would give her $3 so I did.

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  • We got $2 bills. I still have them.
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