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Getting old sucks

My memory is failing me in two ways.  I just unpacked all of Aiden's old 3-6M stuff and there is only one pair of pjs in it.  That can't be right.  I can neither find another tote of 3-6M stuff nor can I recall any article of clothing he owned at that time.  I honest to God don't know WTF I put him in and now, despite having two boys the same size in the same season, I have to shell out money to buy Quinn new stuff.  Grr.
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Re: Getting old sucks

  • Me too! I'm holding out to see if I can find the box the 3-6 is in although I looked for a couple hours earlier in the week.
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  • This exact thing has happened to  us. I have no clue what I did with all the clothes. I mean, I have them all so they aren't missing, but I don't know if my first child was mostly naked or if I just pitched a bunch of stuff because it was old or stained or what.

  • I was gonna ask you if you might have just dumped a lot of it. Did he have issues with staying clean at night? There's probably a totally normal reason you only have one pair of PJs left.

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  • That's the thing - we had no issues with blow outs or spitting in either kid.  Virtually everything my son had until he started solids was in near perfect condition.  I keep asking DH "Did we just put him to bed in onesies and a swaddle?"  It's possible but doesn't seem likely since this size would have taken him through about late October/early November and I can't see myself dressing him so lightly!
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  • I can think of no other good reasons.
    Huh. Welp. I tried?

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  • Did he kind of skip sizes? DD had a growth spurt around 4m & went pretty much from 0-3 to 6-9 in clothing.

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  • Did someone lend you clothes that you then returned because they had another baby?
  • Sorry to bump an "older" post. Oops. I'll go back to lurking now...
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