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My 3 yo "wants" her ears pierced

Ya'll I did not plant this seed but DD is asking to get her ears pierced. We watched a couple YouTube clips of it being done - some with kids crying because I want to be honest about it - and she's still asking to go. I took her to the place to see the seat and the equipment and whatnot and she's still requesting.

I'm torn because I said my rule was 'when she asks' but she can't grasp that it will actually be painful, right? But might that be better than dreading it down the road?

I'm tired, make a decision for me.

Also, I think a couple of kids at daycare have ears pierced and that's where this is stemming from - does peer pressure really start this early? Lawl, help me.

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Re: My 3 yo "wants" her ears pierced

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