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I guess I should intro..

Hey everyone, I wanted to intro myself after lurking for a bit and coming to the real terms that in fact I am at a high risk. I'm 30 weeks with my second. DS was born at 36 weeks because I had a senstive cervix. Now after going to a new doctor we Found out that my cervix is shorter and as of a few weeks ago getting softer. I'm on the gel progesterone and some bedrest to try and maintain where it is till about 36 weeks.
For those of you on progesterone, anyone else having lower cramping in your pelvis and low back, and spotting? I tried looking for this question, if its already here please point me to that post. Thanks ladies.looking forward to getting to know you all a little better.

Re: I guess I should intro..

  • Welcome! I am on P17 shots and I don't have any of those symptoms. I have heard that the suppository kind can give some spotting though.
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  • Welcome. I'm on gel and don't have those symptoms. I'd put a quick call into OB-just to be safe.

    Beckett Rilee & Caitlyn Leigh born 9-21-13 @ 27w due to PPROM

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  • My box says C-progesterone 200mg.I did call my Obgyn and he said just to take it easy today. But how much more easy can you get lying down? :)

  • I do 100 mg capsules that are compounded at a specialty pharmacy. I was doing doing the crinone 8% and that caused some irritation, but I've had no problem with the micronized progesterone
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