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Waking up 4/5/6am?????!!!!!

So I'm 5 + 4 and for around the last 2 weeks I keep waking up so early, always around 4 am and 5 am, if I'm lucky 6am! I'm not usually the best sleeper and a lie in til 7am is good but I have to get up early for school run and work but I'm feeling so tired???? I don't know what I can do !

Re: Waking up 4/5/6am?????!!!!!

  • I'm on the same boat as you. My husband always gets up at 5:30 and I'm usually up right before him. I don't work but I have to take DD to school and my DS is a handful so it's pretty tough to nap. I'm always feeling like I'm just gonna pass out at around 10. Hopefully it gets better for both of us but I doubt it will for me lol. Good luck!
  • same here, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
  • I usually get up by 5 AM to work out, but since I've been pregnant, I'm lucky if I can sleep past 4:30 AM.  It's usually so I can use the bathroom, but I can't get back to sleep.  I'm SO tired!!
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  • Same here. I used to be able to sleep a little later when I wanted to, but for the past week (I'm 5 weeks today) I've been waking up at 6 and not being able to fall back asleep.
  • I as well have not been able to sleep anymore, I'm up all hours of the night, mostly to go pee, hopefully some relief comes soon. I-)
  • Just think of it as training for when baby comes, lol! Hope you get some rest soon!
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    At 2am every night, after waking up for the restroom... Two things have helped me get back to sleep: drinking a cold glass of water, and having my back'n'belly pillow.
    You're waking a lot closer to morning so I'm not sure if we're having the same issue, but hope you find relief soon!
  • I wake up twice a night to pee, and at 4am I'm starving so I eat a whole wheat eggo waffle (plain- no syrup or butter or anything) and then go back to bed. It seems so weird but hey... Pregnant lady gotta do what she gotta do!

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    I've started drinking a cup of tea (I like the Celestial sleepytime tea - it has a little bit of mint in it so it helps my nausea without tasting like you're drinking toothpaste...)

    I usually wake up around 2am to pee. Might as well make it a good one... ;)
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  • I'm generally up to pee.  My allergies are also really bad right now.  Falling back to sleep is getting more difficult.  3am, 4am, 5am.  
  • I can't fall asleep at night and then Im up super early because I have to pee. Im only almost 5 weeks. Can't wait to see what the rest of this pregnancy has in store for me :)
  • Asleep by 9pm last night, couldnt keep my eyes open! awake at 5am-for a wee then im just wide awake. grrr not the sleep pattern I want, I bet I'm so much fun for my fiancé right now!
  • With u all! I'm so tired I need to sleep at like 8pm but constant trips to the loo has me restless all night long! Grrrr! Roll on 2nd tri :o)
  • I get up that early, but mostly because I have to pee like crazy!!! Lol.
  • Yep, I head down at 1030, I usually wake up at 2 and then at 430 to pee. The 430 mark usually finds me on the couch because at this point the dog has been woken twice and thinks its play time. I roll off the couch around 630, 700, pee again and play with the dog.

  • Yes, I hate the 4:00 hour. I will get my butt up if it is 5 or 6, but 4?? It sucks. I had to take a nap yesterday at 9:30.
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