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Feet and Body hurt?

Does anybody else's body and feet hurt? I'm only 8 weeks and my feet hurt a lot!!! and my body feels sore all the time.

Re: Feet and Body hurt?

  • Yes, I feel like I've been walking all day long. Especially my knees and ankles, most nights I wake up from the achy feeling.
  • Me too! I do stand on my feet a lot at work but boy oh boy my dogs are barking when I get home. I took a warm bubble bath yesterday (only warm, no water over 100 degrees) and I felt much better afterwards!

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  • Welcome to pregnancy, my friends.

  • I thought it was just because I was so tired so I was being less active!  I do find a walk and some gentle stretching helps - but I hate waking up feeling achy!
  • They say that first tri symptoms mimic flu symptoms. The body ache is definitely part of it - for me, it never really went away. You have to remember that you have a tiny human growing inside of you now and your body has to accommodate for that. 

    Stretches, like a PP said, and even things as simple as a warm bubble bath sometimes help. 

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