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Just found out!

Hi everyone, I'm new on here as we just found out I am pregnant on Tuesday. I should be about 5 weeks tomorrow, and our first appointment isn't until Sept. 25th! I know it's normal for them to wait to see you, but it feels so far away! This is my first, and I am so excited, but also nervous to get too excited so early on. Any advice?

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  • Welcome! too funny there are a couple people on here whose first appt is Sept 25th. Mine included.

    My advice is start reading the past threads because chances are a lot of the questions that you have are ones that have been recently asked and answered, when is first U/S, first OBGYN appt etc and secondly have a tough skin, there's a couple of people on here who think they are veterans and forget about how it was when it was their first pregnancy and they didn't have a clue and they are the ones that will try and write comments that can come across rude or childish

    Bottom line don't give a sh*t and ignore it, you are pregnant and its an exciting time! enjoy it and relax and post away

  • Thanks! And congrats to you as well! 
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    Congrats! 1st visits can vary depending on your risk etc. but I think the norm is 8-10 weeks (correct me somebody if I'm wrong). So if you're 5 weeks tomorrow then a Sept. 25 appt. is perfectly normal. I'm 5 weeks 3 days today and my 1st appt. is Sept. 20 :)
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  • Congrats to you too! What symptoms are you both experiencing? I'm pretty bloated, and having some on and off cramps and lower back pain.
  • extremely tired and pretty bloated, sometimes cramps and lower backpain but so far feeling great

  • Congrats Mama! My appt is the 25th too! I'm pretty happy i haven't really experienced any symptoms other than being tired. What is your est due date? Mine is 5/7/14.
  • Congrats! Mine is 5/2/2014!
  • Congratulations! 

    My advice is to pick up a couple of pregnancy and baby books and start reading. The What to Expect book is ok...there's a lot of common sense stuff in there (like "Maybe you should consider not doing cocaine..."). Spend some time in a book store and take a look at a few. 

    I really like the Pregnant Body - it's mostly about the development of the baby, but it has some pretty awesome pictures and is really great about explaining stuff. 

    We also got The Baby Owner's Manual. It has a lot of extremely helpful information about newborn care, what to expect after baby is born, stuff like that. 

  • Congrats!

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  • Congrats!!! I just found out too and this is also my first! I'm so excited. I am seeing my doctor next week for a prenatal panel. I'm guessing I'm about five weeks as well but that's just based on my own math. :)
  • I just found out too and my first appt is Sept 26th! I'm so excited! Congrats to you!
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  • Well I don't know what happened to the last time I tried to post... :) First, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!! I love being able to talk with other mommas who just found out!! When I had my first son, almost 8 years ago, I had none of the resources that are out there now! How exciting to be able to share your experience with people who are at the same stage as you! We had our positive test August 26th, and our first appointment is September 27th! I REALLY can't wait because that is our time line for telling everyone. It is SO HARD not to spill the beans to everyone I know!!! 
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