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S/O potty training

I've worked with DD off and on for the last 8 months on potty training. At first my objective was just to introduce the concept to her but she did really well and had a fair amount of success. We let her pick out pretty panties and we gave her an animal cracker as reward every time she went. Then she suddenly stopped wanting to use the potty. I started thinking that maybe she wasn't fully ready so we stopped pushing it and for the past several months have only asked her on occasion if she would like to try. She always says, "NO!" and I just say no big deal and move on.

This week she just started preschool. It's 5 hours a day, two days a week. And while she has gone in her diaper she also went on the potty three times for the teacher(out of 6 willing attempts). She still refuses to even sit on the potty for me. So what should my next move be at home when she isn't willing to try for me? Should I just wait this out like I have been and if so, for how much longer?



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