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Sour stomach back in the (almost) 3rd Tri?

Hi ladies, 

I was fortunate in the 1st tri not to get sick to the point of throwing up, I had weeks of "sour" stomach as I would describe it where nothing seemed to sit well in my stomach or nothing looked appetizing.  During the 2nd tri I was fine and I could eat whatever without issues. 

Now that I am close to the 3rd Tri I have noticed that my sour stomach has come back. Food seems kind of blah to me right now and my appetite has decreased, has this happened to anyone else?  If so did it last a while?  I haven't gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy yet (7ish lbs) so I am concerned about not having an appetite at this point. 

TTC #1** Went off BCP July 2011

Me: 31 DH:31

Jan 2012 Dx PCOS by OB/Gyn

July 2012 - Tests with RE confirmed PCOS and annovulation

2 rounds of clomid, 5 IUI's using clomid + injectibles. 

Surprise BFP while on break cycle due to cysts.  It's a girl! Baby "E" born on Thanksgiving Day 11/28/13

Re: Sour stomach back in the (almost) 3rd Tri?

  • I am 26 weeks and I have stomach issues too. Just eat what sounds good.

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  • I'm 25 weeks and starting to have lots of heartburn, food not settling well, and just generally not be able to eat as much.  My stomach just doesn't as much room in there anymore.
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