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*Thursday Bed Rest Check In*

I didn't see anyone post, so I figured I would start one... 

How was your night?

Any news, updates or milestones?

QOTD: What is your favorite thing to do to pass the time of being on bed rest?
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Re: *Thursday Bed Rest Check In*

  • I'll start ...

    I had an okay night... couldn't fall asleep but once I did I was up every 1-2 hours to pee or make myself comfortable. I definitely feel it becoming more and more difficult to stay comfy as the pregnancy progresses. 

    I'll be 34wks tomorrow which feels amazing - I was so hopeful just to get to 34. My next goal is 36wks... almost there!

    QOTD: I'm trying to enjoy daytime TV and tivo-ing shows/movies I won't have time to watch once the baby is here. I def have moments of wanting to scream of boredom but i'm trying to just enjoy. 
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  • @Lolob45 congrats on 34 weeks!

    My night was ok but it took me awhile to fall asleep and I woke up often.

    QOTD: My favorite part has been getting to spend a lot of time with my sister. She is on maternity leave right now so she comes over with her son. We got hook on Pretty Little Liars.
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  • Night was not that great. I have a difficult time sleeping on my sides due to the cyst on my ovary, so I usually sleep on my back propped up with wedge pillows and regular pillows. Last night was particularly uncomfortable though. 

    I was feeling pretty down earlier today about being on (modified) bed rest - I miss some of my coworkers and working. I miss being able to go out and shop. BUT then my first order of diapers from diapers.com came in and I saw the tiny newborn diapers...totally put my mind back into perspective as to why I'm resting so I can grow my LO!

    QOTD: I'm obsessed with HGTV lately, I usually watch several episodes of House Hunters in the afternoon while looking for houses I want to buy online. DH and I will likely move when the baby is about 6 months old, getting excited for it! 

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  • 10-4LilBuddy10-4LilBuddy member
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    Update: 29w 2d Had an ok night. I was so homesick though. I miss sleeping next to my husband and with my dogs. I get released at 34 weeks, so I just need to keep it together for a while longer.

    QOTD: HGTV. I have every episode memorized. I haven't felt like doing much but my hubby is bringing me my knitting today.

    @Lolob45 - wow! 34 weeks!
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  • Congrats all ladies hitting milestones!

    I just left my apt with the midwife. Sawyer is measuring on track with a great heartbeat, did more bloodwork.... And am currently getting a mani/pedi ;)) my blood pressures are still 140s/90s but she said she wants me to keep my sanity and cleared me for a mani/pedi and hair apt this month!!!!!! I am so excited ;) this feels great!!!! I must admit I feel guilty for not being home resting ugh mixed emotions! I don't want to do anything to hurt my lil girl!

    Words with friends is my fave past time !!! Hit me up if you play

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

  • Marianaz0-I'll have to ask about a mani/pedi and haircut. That sounds awesome! Have fun!

    I treated myself to a Benadryl and Tylenol last night before bed. My back has been killing me lately. Definitely slept well after this.

    QOTD: I like checking out new TV shows. I started watching the BBC show Sherlock today. One if the reasons I am posting so late :)
  • Sorry I missed check in yesterday!  I didn't see it until this morning.

    @lolob45-congrats on 34 weeks!!  
    @mariana-YAY for mani/pedi and hair cut.  I was cleared to do the same.  Hair cut was yesterday and my troll toes are getting done today.  
    @sarahcalvert-we just started watching Sherlock too!  It took me an episode to understand the accent, but I love it!

    QOTD: Hanging out with my puppies and afternoon naps.  I got a puppy in March before knowing we were pregnant and she has issues with anxiety and people.  Having visitors coming and going has been good for her.  My older pup is 4.5 and he just loves snuggling on the couch with me. 

    Beckett Rilee & Caitlyn Leigh born 9-21-13 @ 27w due to PPROM

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