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Baby/Toddler Music Classes- Friendship Heights Metro

I'm excited to announce the next Baby/Toddler music classes on Wednesdays (morning and afternoon options) starting October 9 in Friendship Heights DC!
More info at

The classes have been completely magical to behold as a mom and a teacher!  Parachute, instruments, guitar, light show, bean bags, puppets, drums, singing, dancing...the list goes on. So, if you're looking for a musical experience for your baby or toddler (or something to do to make friends), check it out to see if it fits your schedule.

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. It has been a true pleasure to have my own baby in these classes and to meet so many of you while involving our kids with music exploration so early. Cheers to many more exciting experiences!
Who am I? I'm a Mom, with a BA in Music Ed, MA in teaching, National Board Certification in Music Ed, years teaching public school, previous a preschool
music teacher in Bethesda, a performer with a CD on iTunes and performance experience including the 930 Club (it was so much fun!). I tell you this, so
you know I've done my homework to make the class fantastic. I take my fun seriously. ;-) Hope to meet you soon.

Classes Wednesdays (8 sessions/$105)- Current Session Oct 9-Dec 4 (skip Oct 23)
10am, 345pm Toddlers (approx 12-24 months)
1045am, 3pm Babies (approx 5-14 months)
Enroll at or contact [email protected] for more info, alternate payment methods, etc
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