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Exercise While Pregnant

Hi ladies,

I haven't been around much since losing baby B as I've had a hard time seeing anything involving multiples but i'm slowly coming out of my shell. I have a question about exercise...

Before ivf I was kickboxing 5-6 days a week plus heavy lifting 3 days a week. Saturday workouts included 2 kickboxing classes and an hour of lifting between. Once I started stimulation and my ovaries began to enlarge i was told to stop. Fast forward to now...

I've been out my old routine for about 2 months. I'm 11 w2d currently. I went for a sonogram on Friday in Fl (the surprise for my husband for those that may remember) and it was wonderful. The lady who is the owns the clinic was great and very knowlegdable so I asked for her opinion on me returning to kickboxing. She said if I was doing it before it was absolutely fine but to tone down the intensity and no jumping/burpees/squat jumps/etc. She also said to be very careful about not overheating and to listen to my body/take breaks if/when needed. Sounded great to me.

Well, my friend seems to think I'm crazy after all I've been through to get to this point with this baby. So I called my dr to ask their opinion. The girl I spoke with said absolutely not and she wouldn't budge on her answer. I'm really disappointed and wondering what the best decision is for me. Clearly i don't want to hurt my baby, but I really miss kickboxing and my mma studio. Additionally, i've seen women running and spinning and working out pretty hard up until they are about to pop.

Anyone in the same boat? What would you do? All opinions welcome!
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Re: Exercise While Pregnant

  • I've spent way to much time and entirely to much money to jeopardize this pregnancy for anything. I miss being active and trying to keep up with exercise but If something was to happen I don't want to be able to wonder if I did something. This is my last chance to have a baby and there is nothing more important to me than that. I see lots of pregnant women running, taking exercise classes, boating, riding atvs and so on but I have to much invested to risk anything happening to baby. You could say I'm putting myself on a feather pillow for 9 months and I am. It's not very fun and frankly it sucks but its what I'm willing to do to give my pregnancy the best chance I can. I also started with twins and am now having a singleton so it makes me want to be extra careful to preserve this pregnancy. This is all just my opinion and what I have chosen to do.
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    Good Luck to All!!


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  • My RE was strict and did not allow me to run or lift weights at all during treatment cycles (no bouncing activities). I thought once I was pregnant I would be cleared to run again but she said no. I had my first OB appt. and they said it was fine, but I mentioned the RE's rec and she said that it was up to me and they tend to be more cautious. I decided it just isn't worth it. 9 months of walking and swimming it is. 

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  • I think exercise is one of those things where opinions differ a lot with doctors. My obgyn said absolutely not ( I have a history if per term labor) my Mfm said light exercise like swimming and yoga but now is not the time to take up new hobbies ;) I am walking my dog once a day and that's about it. You also don't want to lay around all day (could get a blood clot).

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  • I haven't worked out since transfer. I have an SCH and have been limited on activities. I will be doing prenatal yoga, swimming, hiking and and walking maybe some light biking. I was told no heavy impact work outs.


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  • Both the MDs in the OB clinic where I was going and all the midwives at the clinic where I go now have told me to exercise as much as I want. Limits are: don't do sports where you have a high risk of hard falls (had to stop rollerblading) and take a rest if you are out of breath. So I didn't ski, bike, or blade this last season. I have friends who have kept up kickboxing and running until the very end. I've stuck to hiking/walking (even strenuous hikes) and calisthenics. 

    I think if you have another condition (pre-eclampsia or bleeding, etc.) that the clinician may recommend restricted activity. If you do not have any special conditions, you should be treated the same as anyone else who is pregnant (whether from IVF or natural conception)  
  • I would not kick box it's way too much.
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    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


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  • The kick boxing might be too much twisting, especially once your belly gets bigger.  And the heavy weight lifting is probably not a good idea either as you are putting strain on areas that are loosening.  

    I was going to Bikram Yoga 3x a week before my IVF cycle and had to stop, so I know how you feel.  I've continued to walk (I can do about 3 miles in the TX heat) and I'm taking pre-natal yoga.  I would only do light workouts if I were you.  Light weightlifting is probably fine, nothing over 10 lbs.  Try yoga, swimming, hiking, walking.  

    I can't see how far along you are in your pg, but the extra weight you will start carrying around will serve as a workout in and of itself.  I know it sounds bogus, but it's true.  My arms and legs are very strong from carrying around my pg during walking and yoga.

    Good luck to you.
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  • I kickboxed a few times each week but gave it up when I found out I was pregnant. My RE said nothing too intense and no jumping, so I've just been walking and doing yoga, I hope to pick up some swimming this fall or winter. I really miss it and I'm worried that the change in my workout routine will cause me to gain extra weight, but I'm much much more worried about doing something that could jeopardize the pregnancy. I'm in the better safe than sorry camp in general!

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    I'd definitely follow the instructions from your doctor's office, rather than an ultrasound tech.  I'm on a really limited activity level due to some complications so my personal situation won't be of much assistance, but even before that my doctor had told me nothing too strenuous.  My OB is pretty lax, but he definitely would not have ok'd kickboxing.  I'd err on the side of caution -- it's for a limited time and better to be safe than sorry, right?  Walking/hiking, swimming, pregnancy-friendly yoga -- those would all be good ways to get some exercise.
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  • Thanks for all your opinions! I did not go last night but may ask my dr directly at my next appt in two weeks. If she says no way, I'll let it go. I need to suck it up and accept less strenuous exercise like walking, etc. I do have a prenatal yoga dvd but its so boring and I'm not willing to pay the price of yoga studios in my area. I may join the gym up the street. Its cheap and month to month and i can at least people watch while I walk on the treadmill or use the elliptical. I just lost a substantial amount of weight and had my body in pretty good shape. I think I'm just surprised by how quickly it is changing. I wanted to be an "in shape" pregnant woman so maybe I'm just having a hard time dealing with my own high expectations of myself.

    Thanks again!
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  • you can def. exercise, run, do weights etc, but not at the intensity you were doing , and honestly, taking two classes and lifting heavy in ONE day seems like way, way too much anyway.  

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