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AW: 9 Hours!

After the horrible 3 hour yelling fit DS gave me last night (he had been a little cranky all day), he slept 9 WHOLE HOURS!

His pedi told me on Monday that she would be happy with him sleeping 10 hours straight. I seriously thought she was joking as we usually only get 4-5 hour stretches at most.

So, he woke up quietly, ate 6 whole ounces and is currently smiling and talking to my dad. Happy mommy and baby now :) there's light at the end of the miserable tunnel after all! Hang in there!!!

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    Congratulations!!!! Although reading this does make me so very very jealous!!!!!!! What I wouldnt give for even a 5 hour stretch at this point.......

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    LO is 9 weeks now, so I'm hopeful it sticks around!
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    Congrats! We got our 2nd ever 7 hour stretch last night.  I feel like a whole new person! 
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    That's awesome! We've hit eight a couple of times and it is amazing how wonderful it feels.
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    YEA! Congrats!  Our Grady has been doing 5 hour stretches at 5 weeks!  

    I just keep reminding myself that B, who will be 3, slept all night long at 11 weeks so there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

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    Nice! I am very jealous though :)
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    We got nine hours last night, too! If course she woke up at 3:45 and I had to get up for work at 5:15 so I never got to go back to sleep, but still! I was impressed.
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