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Summer heat swaddling

My DS gets swaddled at night and sleeps very well.  However, he has a hard time napping during the day because he is constantly waking himself with his arms flailing.  I've tried swaddling him with the Aden + Anais light swaddles but he gets his arms out like Houdini.. and I swaddle him tight.  I don't want to swaddle him with his nighttime SwaddleMe Velcro swaddle because of the heat (we live on the west coast and don't have a/c).  I am so tired and just want my DS to nap for longer than 10 minutes!  Any suggestions short of tying his arms down? ;-)

Re: Summer heat swaddling

  • Do a google search for a YouTube video called "escape proof swaddle". You should be able to do it with A&A blankets. They are big enough that you should be able to get away with one blanket. Do the arm thing with one side, and wrap the other side around baby.
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  • I love the Woombie. It allows for movement under the swaddle so baby can sleep with their arms comfortable.
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  • Halo sleep sac swaddler works well
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    We love the Woombie too, especially the one with the mesh front for ventilation. It's a cool fabric and DD wears nothing but that and a diaper to bed at night. She can move her arms within it but can't flail them in the air which would make her upset. During the day she naps in her swing unswaddled..the motion lulls her to sleep.
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    Our little wonder HATES to have his hands in there!! We have the velcro swaddle but we haven't used it yet -- we're not really comfortable with the idea of having him strapped in there- we definitely prefer to have him in a lighter swaddle that he can kick out of if he's not comfortable. Also, we don't swaddle too tightly. We leave it fairly loose so air can get in there and he can still move his legs (he sleeps with his legs up and flopped open. I'm like "hey, I remember that position," LOL).

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