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Pelvic pain and incomp cervix

Do any of you ladies have constant pelvic pain associated with your shortened cervix? I am 28.5 with di/di twins. I was in the hospital with PTL and discharged a week ago after receiving mag/toradol/nifedipine/steroids. My cervix was 1.7 and is now down to 1. I have a pessary in place since my cervix shortened too far along for a cerclage. Basically my MFM doc said that they wouldn't try to stop labor at this point because it wouldn't be effective and sent me home from his office to continue bedrest. The pain of course started after my appointment. I am wondering if this pain could be a sign of labor, my pessary needing to work now, or just a result of my shortening cervix. My contractions haven't changed. I'm going to call tomorrow if this continues, just curious about others' experiences.

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  • I'm going through the same thing. My cervix has been shortening since 22 weeks, it's down to a 1 now. I have so much pressure down there it hurts to even put my pants on. My stomach has also been hard today which isn't normal for me. I have a regular scheduled OB appointment tomorrow so definitely going to ask her about everything, I'm sure they will check my cervix and hopefully hook me up to the contraction machine to make sure I'm not having contractions. It might just be normal pregnancy pain though which I hope it is, better safe than sorry though so I would definitely go in and get checked out.
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  • Luckily the pain was gone this morning. It started to return when standing to take a shower, but again gone with stricter bedrest. Luckily my contractions have been mild today. I think the bottom line is that I can't spend much time at all standing. :( Hoping to make it at least 5 more weeks
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