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D&C or misoprostol?

Hi everyone, moving over from the April board. Today's u/s showed an empty sac. I should be 8 wks. He had me do a beta today and based on the results I'll either go back Friday again or move forward with m/c. I already felt something was off lately, so I wasn't terribly shocked or emotional when he told us. My symptoms kinda faded, but I had others appear and the spotting didnt concern me, as I had it with DD. I just didnt feel right??

He didnt mention the D&C but just the medication. I had a D&C before DD so I would prefer just to get it done and move forward.

Thoughts? What did u have done? I'm 40 and still want ttc again ASAP. Last time I m/c we conceived 4 mo. later.. an it's not like I'm getting any younger!

Re: D&C or misoprostol?

  • So sorry for your loss. I was also on the April board and found out at 8 weeks there was no heartbeat the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I opted for the d&c as the doc told me it could be weeks before I could have a natural miscarriage. I feel I made the right choice and am experiencing very mild bleeding and no cramps today (procedure was yesterday) the doc did tell us to wait 2-3 cycles before we should try again, which is ok with us (I may wait 4 just to make sure all is good to go). My thoughts and prayers are with you in the difficult time.
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