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Birthday Gift Flop (NBSR)

This is not related to a baby shower, but since it involved gift giving I figured this seemed like an OK spot to post.  This past Sunday we went to a Birthday party for a little boy DD's age.  I've always had a feeling the mother didn't like me, but never more than a feeling.  Anyway, it was a pretty big party maybe 30+ people.  They opened gifts and everyone was standing around watching.  Their son got bored pretty fast and went to play so they started opening the gifts for him.  We had brought a LeapFrog card game and window markers.  I got the LeapFrog game because they travel a lot and I thought it would be nice to have an easy take-along game and LeapFrog always has fun things.  The window markers I got because they live in a tall building downtown and have floor to ceiling windows.  Thought it would be something fun to take out on a rainy day.

Anyway, they open the gifts, don't remark on the game and then the mother says, "Do you have these for your DD?"
Me: No 
Mother:  Well, I'm getting these for your DD next!
Me: Well, it just seemed like a gift a friend would get for a friend.
Mother: I'm sure they do wipe off, but someone will still have to clean the windows.  Plus what if my son doesn't keep them on the windows?  He might start marking up everything else too!
At this point I am just ready to run away.  I hate being the center of attention good or bad, but this was awful!
Mother: But thank you.
DH even agrees that the entire room felt very uncomfortable at that point.

I know from a gift receiving standpoint, she was not in the right.  I mean you should always express gratitude for a gift regardless.  But was my gift really that bad?  Is there some gift giving etiquette when it comes to giving children gifts?  Because when I was talking to my mom about it she agreed that the mother was being rude, but said that she wouldn't have been happy if another mom had gotten something like that from us.  Thoughts? 

Re: Birthday Gift Flop (NBSR)

  • Wow. That mom was so wrong. I am shocked someone would behave so poorly.

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  • If I wanted to give the mom the benefit of the doubt, I would say she was trying to be cute/funny and wound up putting her foot in her mouth. Like if someone gets kid a drum set, the parent might make a joke like "uh-oh, do they come with earplugs too? Hardy har har." Not particularly funny, but just the kind of comment parents are known to make. ...But if this chick is always kinda snotty and you don't want to give her the benefit of the doubt, I could totally get on board with her comment just being outright rude!
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  • What the...
    I mean god forbid she clean a window! Omg how could she possibly manage that?!

    I'd think those gifts were beyond fun!! Be my friend.
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  • What a bitch. I would've said "Well, there's a gift receipt. Use it."
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  • She was totally in the wrong. Markers of any kind *can* be a PITA, but it's up to her to supervise her child while using them (as with *any* toy) and it's her job to clean her own damn windows whether the markers are used or not. Besides, if they're that big of a hassle, she should just put themup high or in a locked drawer so her child can't access them. All this aside, the only acceptable reaction to ANY gift is "Thank you," especially when in a group of people. Her comment contributed nothing but awkwardness.

  • Does she not clean her windows anyway? I mean, what she did was totally tacky and rude like everyone else already said, but what's getting me is the, "Now I'll have to clean the windows!" comment. God forbid you clean your house, lady!



  • Meery82 said:
    What a bitch. I would've said "Well, there's a gift receipt. Use it."
    This is what I wish I had thought to say.  It was from Kohls for Pete's sake, easiest place in the world to return something!
  • Ouch. She was really rude. I would probably have said something along the lines of "Well, I'm sure whatever you get DD will be graciously accepted and appreciated..." Emphasizing certain words.

    This exactly... What a biatch! 
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  • Wait, I've never seen markers for windows. I am totally going to go get them for a rainy day activity.

    And as pp have mentioned, she is a total B. IMO that sounds like an extremely thoughtful, cool gift!
  • My first thought is, why is this woman inviting 30 people to a childs birthday party, OF COURSE HE GOT BORED!  A friend of mine did this for her son's 1st birthday, renting a hall, and is planning the same for his 2nd birthday about 40's TOO MUCH!  Kids birthday parties should be small and close family and friends, only my opinion, take it or leave it.  2nd thought is she is a nasty crabitha to call you out in front of an entire room of people with her negativity.  It would certainly be the last event that I would attend at her home.  I'd bet my left pinkie on the fact that the other guests left and discussed how rude and ungrateful she was. 
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  • /hugs

    Holy cow. What a flipping bish.  (BTW, loved the "nasty crabitha" comment from a pp <3)

    And your gift sounds like it would be enjoyable to a 3 year old; besides, it was thoughtful.

    Sounds like someone needs to grow up.

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  • My two kids use window markers all the time, and have been for a few years!! They are so fun, and not hard to clean up after!! We give the boys wipes to wipe up the window when they are done and I go back with windex, viola!! If you teach your child the correct place to use them and supervise you will be ok. Great gift!!
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