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*Wednesday Bed Rest Checkin *

I didn't see anyone post, so I figured I would.

How was your night?

Any news, updates or milestones?

QOTD: What's your favorite flavor or ice cream and how do you like it? Hot fudge, etc.

Re: *Wednesday Bed Rest Checkin *

  • I'm 35 weeks today! One more P17 shot! I feel great about being "released" from bed rest but I'm trying to take it easy. We stayed in a hotel last night and we're visiting family today :) I can't even explain how comfortable the bed was... Heavenly! I even got to stick my feet into the water at the beach.

    I love pumpkin ice cream and apple pie ice cream. I also love "purple cow," it's black raspberry with dark and white chocolate chips.
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  • Congrats @Jamiem538 on 35 weeks! And of course your bedrest 'release'

    I'm 31 weeks today!!!!!! And feeling pretty good

    My favorite is cookie dough ice cream, with oreo pieces and hot fudge YUMMMM 

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

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  • 10-4LilBuddy10-4LilBuddy member
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    Update: 29w 1d Doing good. The MFM on call last night came by for rounds at 11 pm. I had taken my Ambien at 9:30, so I remember little of the conversation. Luckily, I sent my husband an email of the highlights, so I was able to piece it together. Then, the sink in my room had a huge puddle under it and maintenance was fixing it at 11 at night. I am a bit worn out today. Luckily, I finished all my work for the day (I worked some last night) and I can just veg the rest of the day. My u/s yesterday went well and kiddos are gaining weight appropriately. Little girl is in 44th percentile at 3 lbs and little boy is just a bit smaller at 2 lbs 13 oz. Cervix is unchanged at 1.1 since last week.

    QOTD: I adore coffee ice cream. I like putting a dash of chocolate syrup on it. Ugh... Darn GD diet!!!

    @jamiem538 - hooray for getting released! I am counting down the days to my release at 34 weeks!
    @marianaz0 - 31 weeks! Fantastic!
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  • I'm 34.2 today. I've had contractions every three to five minutes and pressure all morning. I went in and I'm still 3 cm and 70% effaced so they said it is just irritability and as long as it isn't changing me that I can go home and rest. I'm so frustrated with not knowing what is going on. I don't want to wish him out early but I am just done with all of this. I'm ready to get my life back.

    I love chocolate gelato and strawberry sorbet. Either of those sound fantastic right now.

  • @ayreka - I feel the same way as you. I want her to try to cook as long as possible but the stress on my body is really taking its toll. Hang in there girl, you're not alone :)
  • 28wks today :-) this milestone feels so huge... I am really tempted to buy my first piece of clothing for her :-) I have so many filled carts waiting to finish the purchese :)

    I slept ok. My acid reflux has been taking a toll on me :-/

    I have an appt tomorrow for an u/s and my dr. Curious to see how my cervix is since last HBR last week. My 17p nurse is on vacation this week so expecting the covering nurse tomorrow. :-)

    I was going to announce my pregnancy now at 28wks but chickened out so I am going to attempt it at 30 wks..

    Congrats to all my milestone ladies cook little on cooking..

    10-4: I am so happy those little ones are gaining weight. Your doing great..

    Qotd: I am old school I like the cookies and cream but I would eat anything that has peanuts or almonds
  • Congrats Jamie & Mariana!!  

    I just got back from OB.  Had another growth scan (had one at MFM last week).  Babies are doing great.  Measuring on track!  She is 1.4 lbs and he is 1.6 lbs.  They are going to continue to monitor me weekly until 28 weeks since cervix is stable (2.4-2.7-exact same as last week). Dr said today is viability day-23w4d for twins.  Woot Woot!  Next milestone here we come!

    Ice cream; Pumpkin is my favorite too.  I've been on chocolate chip kick for the last couple weeks. I also like mocha chip.  I'd take pie over ice cream almost any day though...:)  Ummm, pie...

    Beckett Rilee & Caitlyn Leigh born 9-21-13 @ 27w due to PPROM

  • Inn2Inn2 member
    @Jamiem538 congratulations on your freedom and 35 weeks!
    @kneenah1231 congrats on hitting 28!! I remember that feeling well!
    Congratulations to any milestones I missed this week!

    I hit 31 weeks, yesterday. Have my specialist appointment today. Slept ok.

    Vanilla is my go-to flavor. However, if I'm feeling crazy, I might add magic shell and chocolate chips! I also like pumpkin and butter pecan on occasion.
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  • I'm 28.5 today. Had a 1 week post-discharge follow-up appt with my OB yesterday (I was admitted for 6 days for PTL. Discharged after Mag/toradol/nifedipine. Pessary placed due to being too far along for a cerclage). My last cervical measurement in hospital was 1.7 cm. Unfortunately, yesterday I am down to 1 cm. My OB contacted my perinatologist who said at this point they wouldn't try to stop labor since it wouldn't be effective and the girls have already received the benefits of mag/steroids. I'm hoping to hold out for a few more weeks!! I didn't sleep well because I kinda feel like a ticking time bomb.

    QOTD: for some reason I have been loving cookie dough icecream this pregnancy.
  • @ayreka hang in there girl!!! take it easy and rest up :))

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

  • Congrats on all of the milestones! I'm 24 weeks today! Slept ok last night. Today I had family come over and visit which was nice. I'm tired now though.

    QOTD: My favorite ice cream is pecan praline.
  • My night was pretty good.

    The docs changed my due date back to Oct 1st, not sure why, but that makes me 35 weeks and 1 day now. They also scheduled my c-section for Sept 10th! Hopefully my body will behave until then. If so, they will stop the lovonox after the night dose on the 8th, and I will be able to have just a spinal. If not I will have to have general anesthesia.

    QOTD: My favorite is chocolate panda paws, really chocolate ice cream even if it's plain soft serve. I love ice cream though so anything that sounds good I will usually try.
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  • Jaime:  Congrats on 35 weeks, and getting off bed rest!
    Marian:  Congrats on 31 weeks!
    Kneenah: Congrats on 28 weeks!
    Inn: Congrats on 31 weeks!
    Renlb: Congrats on 24 weeks!
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