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Bacterial vaginosis

Hello...I was just recently diagnosed and am being treated for this and after reading online about it ...I am petrified!! Anyone else going thru this or have positive stories with this???

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  • In my 16th week
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  • Thank you she didn't seem concerned but as soon as I started googling the freaking out began!!
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  • I was already high risk for PTL and was diagnosed with Vaginal MSRA last month. Of course I freaked out too but after 1 week of antibiotics it was gone.
    The actual infection and meds shouldn't harm baby. If the infection goes untreated it can cause PTL. It's a good thing you caught this early and are treating it. GL to you and stay away from Dr Google!
  • Thank you so much for the reassurance!!
  • Stop reading!!!!! Lol. I had BV at 20 weeks, took antibiotics for a week and it went away!

    Sawyer Lynn <3 Born 10.11.13

  • Same here! I had it urig HBR, they gave me a one time "super dose." You'll be fine!
  • Thanks guys I should know better than to read online but this Is our last because of my age etc and I just want a healthy little girl :) thanks so much for the positive thoughts!!!
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