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High-Risk Pregnancy

First baby and already feel horrible.

Well, I never though I would be writing in this forum for advice or help. I know it's still a little early to tell but with my sister's chromosomal abnormality, my OB put me in the High risk pregnancy. I went for my 2nd Ultrasound today (which was a happy moment to see my little "monkey" move) but it made me really uncomfortable when the nurse would ask me questions about my families past. 
(Here's a little story to explain)
Me and my biological sister were from a past relation my mother had which didn't end great. The only thing me and my sister have are dyslexia and depression but it runs in the family. 
When I was around 3 and my sister 2 my mother met and married (when I was around 4 and my sister 3) and we've been that happy couple even if my mother and step father were really young (mother was 21, step father 23) My mother found out she was pregnant with her 3rd baby. She was very happy and my step father as well. But 4 months into the pregnancy my mother needed an emergency abortion because the pregnancy was killing her (making her sick and she was having kidney failure) A few years later she found out again she was pregnant (I was about 6 and my sister 5) this time she had the baby and everything was great. When my younger sister was 5-6 months, they found out she had Leukemia. It was horrible news but for almost 2 years and our ups and down she beat it (now an annoying 13 year old ;) ) but the effects of everything was : if she hurt herself she would bleed more than the average person and she can't grow. She's been 4,7 when she was suppose to be 5,6 like myself. 
With that said... I'm worried but at the same time I kept telling my nurse that she was my half sister and it could be my step dad's gene that could be effecting it. I know we're playing it safe by checking but I'm just so stressed about it... It's my first baby and I don't want anything bad to happen and make a choice (if it comes to the point) that would be to much for me to handle... 
Any thoughts? or even advice? 
DS - March 9th 2014 TTC #2 - May 2015 BFP - October 2015 EDD - July 7th 2016
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