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GD birth story

I posted this on my birth month board but thought I would share here too since there are a lot of you out there worried about being diagnosed with GD.  I know I was scared when I found out and worried my entire pregnancy... I also had a LEEP seven years ago and SUA.

I was scheduled to be induced on her due date at 5am but Alaina had other plans apparently.  I had GD and noticed a couple of days before that my blood sugars were constantly low when they had been very consistent since I started testing.  I called my OB and he just said to increase my calories so I did but still felt off (looking back I guess it was a sign my body was preparing for labor).  I had my last dr appointment the day before the induction and was dilated to 1cm from a hard closed cervix the week before.  I woke up at 2 am 8/21 with some minor contractions which felt kind of like the braxton hicks I was having before so I ignored them and ate a bowl of cereal since I was starving and my blood sugar was low.  I got back in bed at 2:30 to try and get a little more sleep before my induction and what I thought was going to be a long day on pitocin when I felt a pop.  As soon as I rolled over to get out of bed I felt a gush of liquid run down. DH called the doctor to let him know my water broke while I showered and we arrived at the hospital at 4am.  when I got there I was only 2cm so they wanted to start me on pit anyway but I wanted to see if I could progress on my own.  by 10 am I was at 4cm 70% on my own but the OB was concerned about me having a long labor since my water broke and I'm a FTM.  so I got the lowest dose of pit and the epi around 10:30am and quickly went to 10 cm.  She was born at 1:44pm after 45 minutes of pushing and a deep episiotomy because I couldn't get her head out even after stretching.  DH cried and the whole experience was amazing.  Not at all how I expected.  She is perfect and healthy and I'm so relieved she decided to come on her own.  

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