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Recent delivery experiences at Roosevelt hospital?

Hello mamas to be, I am just in my first trimester with my first and I can't help to think about the hospital where I will be delivering my lil one. My ob is affiliated with Roosevelt hospital and I would like recent mamas who delivered at Roosevelt how your experience was. Lots of huggie thank yous in advance.

Re: Recent delivery experiences at Roosevelt hospital?

  • I delivered at SLR in March.  I had a great delivery experience but I also had an uncomplicated birth (vaginal, no stitching or tearing).  I was in a semi private room and opted to stay because they didn't give me a roommate.  If I recall correctly the private rooms are $850 extra per night. I hear the private rooms are worth the additional cost if you have a c-section (your spouse can spend the night, you get to order from a chef prepared menu and a few other perks).

    I was able to check in and get a room immediately (I arrived around 11 am).  The nurses and doctors were friendly and competent and the delivery room was nice as far as NYC hospitals go.

    Here are a few observations:

    1.  The bathroom in my postpartum room was not nice.  The shower curtain didn't reach the floor so the bathroom flooded every time I took a shower.  Not only was it annoying and gross, but it was definitely unsafe.  Luckily I had shower shoes.  The stall was also extremely small.  When I took the tour, I don't recall the private room being anything special.  I don't, however, remember the shower situation.

    2.  I would suggest bringing shower shoes and disinfecting wipes, especially if you share a room.  Considering the blood, etc., you don't want to wait around for someone to clean your bathroom.  I think that's why friends suggested you get a private room if you've had a c-section or a complicated birth.

    3.  The food was terrible.  I tried one thing the first day and that was it.  You can choose what you want from a very limited menu.  My husband brought me all of my meals and it wasn't a problem.  We live about a 10 min walk away and I can verify there are a lot of places to get food.

    4.  They don't provide you with much but I think you get all of the essentials.  Let's see...diapers, formula if necessary, pads, some type of mesh underwear, witch hazel pads, socks, little wrap shirts for your baby, a hat, and petroleum jelly.  That's about all I can remember.  If you think your baby might need a pacifier or anything else, make sure to bring it.

    5.  I told them I was breastfeeding and they marked the baby's bassinet with that information.  The first night I sent my baby to the nursery so I could get a few hours of sleep.  I didn't notice until later the next day, when I looked on the info card on her bassinet, they gave her formula.  I didn't mind because I'm not one of those moms who's totally against it (especially if she was hungry), but they didn't ask/tell me.  If you're adamant about no formula, you might want to watch them carefully.

    6.  None of my friends who had a c section had a good experience.  They felt as if they weren't given enough follow up care/attention.

    7.  A friend of mine is a pediatrician who used to work at SLR.  She said it's a good hospital if your birth is uncomplicated and your baby is healthy.  She said she does not think they have a good NICU.  Luckily most babies won't need it.

    Hope this helps.  If you have any additional questions you can shoot me a message.  I'd be happy to answer them.
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  • jglenn4 - Congrats on your lil one! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I will definitely note what you shared.
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