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prepackaged toddler food

DS is starting daycare soon and I figured he could slowly start eating their meals.  However, the director wants us to buy some prepackaged meals that she can stick in his cubby for backups.  She mentioned Pasta Pickups and other Gerber items.  I have always made all his food and I am not comfortable giving him these meals loaded with sodium and other crap.  Any suggestions or are there meals that are not so bad?  He does he barley and oatmeal cereal.  Thank you.

Re: prepackaged toddler food

  • Does the school have a refrigerator?  Instead of prepackaged meals, I'd maybe send in some cooked pasta or cut up fruit to keep in the fridge.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't be too concerned about keeping "meals" in his cubby.  I'm not sure how old he is, but he'll probably be okay without a full meal.  We used to keep freeze dried fruit and rice cakes in my son's cubby at daycare when he was small in case he needed something to eat.
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  • I'm not a fan of Gerber stuff, but I do purchase Plum Organics, Happy Family and Ella's kitchen pouches.  Honestly, you just have to read the labels and determine whether you are happy with the ingredients.  Eating these things everyday isn't my preference, but eating them once a week is not so bad in the grand scheme of things.  I eat badly once (sometimes more) a week too.

    Good point.  He is only going twice a  week, so 2 of those twice a week would be fine.  I was thinking, they can't really be considered emergency backups if DS never had them and may not even like them.  I think I'll pick up a few of the brands you mentioned to see which ones he likes.  Thank you!! 

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