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Good, cost effective non-leaky safe disposable diaper?

Can anyone recommend a brand of disposable diapers that are chlorine-free? Seventh generation is cheap but we had a LOT of problems with leakage. Then we switched to BabyGanics. I love the wipes they make and am sticking with those but the diapers are pricey when we cant find a sale and I'd like to find an alternative.
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Re: Good, cost effective non-leaky safe disposable diaper?

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    I've heard good things about the honest co. , I don't know the cost though

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    BJs sells a chlorine free diaper by the brand generation earth. They're only $19.99 for a pack of around 120?(size 3)
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    I hated Seventh Generation for the same reason but I  recently started an autoship with Honest diapers and wipes and I LOVE them. NO leaks and LO seems alot more comfortable, and stopped scratching at his diaper. I also love the wipes they are so thick that even with a BM its rare that I have to use two wipes, one does the job just fine.
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    Kroger actually had chlorine-free plant-based diapers. We've also used Naty Babycare and love them.
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    Honest company has great diapers! $13 per pack, and they have more diapers in a pack than other companies! 42 in size 1 and 2 diapers as compared to 40 in a 1 and 36 in a 2!
    Good price and we love them! Little one does too! But he is good at taking off diapers, I wish they still had the sticky stuff not the velcro! lol But that another story!

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    We have been using earth's Best and have been very happy with them. The newborn size weren't great as a lot of reviews mentioned... But the size ones worked for us quickly and we love them.
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    I use earth's best diapers overnight and am super happy with them! We used honest brand before these and I thin they are pretty comparable...except earth's best is a little cheaper.
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