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My DD just turned 9 months and I want to get her new toys. What would you recommend? I purchased the Fisher Price Sit to Stand walker but I need new toys in 3 locations of the house so I can stop dragging things all over. She has almost outgrown her rainforest jumperoo. Any ideas on what comes next? She is almost 23 lbs.

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  • Ds is 9.5 months and has started pulling up to stand.

    I recently bought the b zany zoo activity cube for DS, and he is really enjoying it.  I also have the FP musical table, as well as FP laugh and learn home. He likes those 2 as well; the home keeps his interest longer.  He spends most of his day playing in the living room, while his nursery is on a different floor. I keep the L&L home in his room.

    Fwiw, I bought all these second-hand via CL; paid $25 each for b zany zoo and L&L home, $10 for the table.  It would have cost me $200 for all 3 if bought new.
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  • The Tolo rolling shape sorter. I got it for my LO when she was 9 months old and she loves it! It is her favorite toy, by far.
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  • DD will be 9 months old next week, so I'm lurking - but I've been wondering about new toys too since a lot of her stuff is "baby-ish" (rattles and whatnot).

    I'm a big fan of educational toys, not just a bunch of things that have buttons that light up and play music.  I've been doing a little google research on toys for 1 year olds (I don't want to buy a whole new set of toys soon, so I'll probably just start buying things that are marked 9months+ or 1year+)...

    *Push toys for walking
    *Toy phone
    *Nesting toys
    *Pretend toys (i.e., safe kitchenware for them to explore with)
    *DD has a cabbage patch doll that we just got out of the package last week, and she LOVES it (she is especially interested in her eyes that close when she lays down)
    *Musical instruments

    I love Melissa & Doug toys too - we bought a 3 piece puzzle for her awhile ago - and while she doesn't get the concept of a puzzle yet, she loves to pull the pieces out (and it's nice and colorful).  I have my eyes on the Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano, because she loves to bang on real pianos, and this one would grow well with her (I don't want to invest money into something like the little 4-key baby einstein piano, only for her to be bored with it in a week).

    And... books!  DH and I love to read to her - this child is going to need a separate room for her library.
  • We just got my DD this play kitchen, it is amazing.  She also really loves her Hape Butterfly, this magnetic stack bear, her xylophone, and books.
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  • O played with these at a friend's house and then I saw they had it at daycare too, so I got it for him to have at home. He doesn't put things through the cover yet, but he loves taking them in and out of the bucket and making noise.

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  • Definitely aim for older so you don't need to buy more soon. I'm amazed at the things dd2 plays with. They got a kitchen to share and DD2 loves standing at it and playing with the dishes. Musical instruments are another favorite. Little People sets are played with a lot. And DD2 loves to dump out and put in. So any shape sorter, blocks, etc.
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  • Her new favorite toy now that she is crawling is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Home I bought it $5 used and she is in love!
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    I don't think it's still in production but we have the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle from DS1 and DS2 loves it (DS1 loved it too)!
    I just googled it though and it's apparently in high demand and therefore priced pretty high (at quick glance) but look for something similar, FP probably has something that replaced it.

    I would go with any of the laugh & learn Fisher Price stuff, we have a lot from when DS1 was a baby and they were always a hit.

    Oh, and the VTech Sit to Stand Alphabet train was a big hit with DS1 also, I haven't gotten it out yet for DS2 but probably will soon. We just have so many darn toys in this house! :)

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