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Good 2nd birthday party themes?

My LO is turning 2 in a couple of months and we want to have a small birthday party for her. She's kind of into princesses (she mostly likes the dresses and crowns), and she likes animals, Curious George, baby dolls, books...but I'm not really sure what kind of "theme" party we should have for her or if we should have a theme at all.

The party would be small (less than 20 people and maybe 30% would be kidlets). We can't afford a lot because we are TTC #2 and we are trying to save $ so we're not in debt from PG like we were with LO.

So......2nd birthday party ideas anyone?
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Re: Good 2nd birthday party themes?

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  • P.S. If anyone on here has had a 2 y/o, what did you do for their birthday? That might also give me some ideas....especially if they were cheap or diy!
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  • @blu-eyedwife, TY! I know I have some family members who might be a little judgy and be like "That's all?!?" but maybe I'll be KO by then, and that will distract them, lol.

    I like the farm/zoo theme...didn't even think about that!
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  • We did an airplane theme because my son loves airplanes. I did some stuff myself but I also ordered a lot on Etsy. I don't think I spent more than $300 including food.

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  • I did Red White and Two! It was really cute and got a lot of love. I walked into the party room and all the moms had their phones out snapping pictures so I knew it was a hit. We did the party at his gym where he takes gymnastics and I just decorated the party room in red white and blue. The whole thing was about $200 most of that going to the gym rental.


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  • I agree with all of the above. There are also ways around cutting costs and still having a theme. Like if she likes princesses, get a few princess type balloons and then get solid colored pink or purple plates, napkins, etc. Or if you do Curious George, get some Curious George table centerpieces and then decorate the rest with brown/yellow/red. People will get with the theme is even if you don't buy items with the characters covering every square inch, and it will cut half the cost.....character themed plates and such are nearly twice the price as solid colored ones.

    My daughter turns two at the end of Oct and we are doing a gator theme because her nickname is Gator. We have a small house and a massive family, so we are renting a space (a indoor pool) for a gator/swamp party. I bought invites off Etsy. The rest of the theme is just going to be the color green, cupcakes will be homemade.
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