Late preemie moms- seclusion?

Hi Everyone,
I've been on home/hospital bed rest since week 20 for incomp cervix and ptl. I'm 34.5 weeks today and coming off bed rest at 35 weeks. I just wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on seclusion, should my daughter be born before 37 weeks. How long and to what level did you seclude your late term preemie? I plan on getting her RSV shots if she comes soon, as I'm a preschool teacher and carry some nasty germs in the winter.


Re: Late preemie moms- seclusion?

  • I have 34weekers and we've gone out in public a bunch, but they are handled by very few people. We have a 3yo who's in FT daycare, so we model lots if good hand washing behavior at home and I don't leave the house without hand sanitizer.

    They won't be going to daycare when I go back to work. We have family that can watch them through at least this RSV season.

    Honestly, no one from the NICU drs to our pedi mentioned secluding them at all.

  • DS was 34w6days, but born June 1st so we didn't have to worry too much about RSV and cold/flu season.  We went out but limited contact with anyone until after he reached his due date (so about 5 weeks).   I'm a SAHM so daycare wasn't an issue.

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  • Our little guy was born at 34w6d and spent 2.5 weeks in the hospital.  When we were discharged, we were told to limit visitors, especially those with small children, and stay out of crowded public places for another 6 weeks, which is essentially until he's 2 months old.  
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  • DD was born at 36 weeks and we didn't seclude her, but our pedi was adamant that we make sure everyone was fastidious about hand washing, and that we not let anyone with cold symptoms, etc., visit. Since she was born in June, we had less of a risk than people with babies born in flu/RSV season, though.
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  • My guy was 5 weeks early on Christmas with minimal problems. I only had our immediate family and my best friend visit at home. Strict hand washing as soon as anyone walked in the door and no one that was recently sick was around. Other than his dr appointments I didn't take him out in public until around his due date and it was seldom then. Im sure I would have been the same if he was full time though. If your daughter comes early the doctors will tell you what they recommend.
  • DD was born in June at 34 weeks. We did not take her outside the house for anything other than doctors appointments until her due date in July. She has had visitors and goes out frequently now. We will be isolating her to some extent during RSV season. According to our pedi she does not qualify for synagis.

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  • I have 35 weeker born this past Dec. I didn't take her out anywhere besides the Drs until she got her 2 month shots.

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