Another question: Any South Carolina Families out there?

You ladies were so amazing in your response to my last post I thought I'd reach out again. Are any families who have adopted or are waiting to adopt in South Carolina? If yes, which agency did you go with and why? I'm thinking I want to give my baby to a family within my state to make the legal process easier and to ease contact with the family. I want whoever I'm lead to to be involved in the pregnancy, maybe attend some visits if they'd like. So it seems going in-state is the best option. Have any of you gone outside of agencies? Or is that much prefered! Thank you all again!
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Re: Another question: Any South Carolina Families out there?

  • Hi, I just read your other post. First, don't feel like you're imposing. This board is intended to be a support for all members of the triad, including expectant and birth parents. You are more than welcome here.

    I'm not familiar with SC, but there is no real preference for agency vs other route. It's what works best for a person/situation. If you had a less-than-idea experience with an agency, you may want to look up law firms that specialize in adoption. In your case they may be a better option (or not, you won't know until you talk to them). There may also be some regional or national agencies that facilitate placements in your state as well. Someone suggested a social worker at your hospital, so that may be a good place to start getting info on all your options.

    GL and keep us posted.

  • Please don't feel like you are jumping in and stomping on our parade... we are a part of a community that truly believes in the triad. Just because there are mainly adoptive mom's hanging out here doesn't mean that you aren't a part of all of us. I can attest to my own self, but constantly I am thinking about and praying for all expectant mom's who are thinking about adoption vs. parenting. As much as you get to see the behind the scenes of us, we too are here to help you in answering your questions so you too feel supported, therefore we too get to see the behind the scenes per say of the expectant mom world! So, WELCOME we are happy you are here!

    So to answer your question... I am not in South Carolina, but I can attest to a national adoption agency. Bethany Christian Services - I don't know exactly where you are located but go to their website (from what I see they have 3 offices in South Carolina) - Being a national company they are standard with their procedures just using your state laws to guide those certain things that they cannot change! 

    As I had mentioned in the previous post we chose an agency that not only cared about us but was deeply concerned and caring towards expectant moms. We pay out a decent amount of our adoption fees that go to the care of the mom. I truly believe that if everyone in the adoption triad is counseled and taken care of you have the opportunity to have such an incredible relationship and life. 
    Hope this helps!

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