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14 pound baby!!

Here is the story.  I don't really understand why they said that he's outgrown his carseat.  Ellie weighs more than him and still fits in hers.  He looks pretty cute!

Re: 14 pound baby!!

  • Oh Lord, please do not let my diabetes baby be that big.
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  • I can't even imagine.  Luke is almost 18 lbs and still is in her infant carseat sometimes.



  • odd... maybe he outgrew it by height?

    Bren - you won't have a 14lb baby!  This doesn't sound like someone who was controlling GD.

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  • Wow! ?My cousin had GD, she was predicted to have a 12 pound baby if she carried to term. ?The baby was breach so she had a c/s a week before her due date. ?Her baby weighed 9 lbs 2oz at birth. ?I thought infant seats were rated for 22-30 lbs.
  • Yeah, Brenda I don't think you need to worry about having a giant baby!  I don't think this woman had very good prenatal care, or she obviously didn't listen to her doctors!
  • And even at 21 inches, he should still fit into it!! 
  • Yeah that woman gained 100 lbs. ?I don't think I could have done that if it were recommended! ?I exercised very little and ate whatever I felt like and only gained 25. ?I don't think you'll have a 14 pounder Brenda.?
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