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Before you buy a breast pump, read!

Just found this out last week--under the Affordable Care Act, as of 2013, insurance companies now must cover breast pumps! I called mine to confirm, and they said I could choose between an Ameda double electric and an Ameda manual. PLUS, it includes supplies (two bottles, storage containers, and freezer bags that I can reorder for free every 90 days!) They all use good brands, top of the line equipment. The logic is that breastfed babies are generally healthier, and require less medical attention/cost; the insurance companies will now pass on that savings to us. Pretty awesome in my book :) Just letting everyone know because most of my pregnant friends had no idea! I had around a $300 savings which I could definitely use with a new baby on the way! So call your insurance company and see what they will provide.
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Re: Before you buy a breast pump, read!

  • Yea this is mostly true! Not all insurance companies do as some have loopholes, etc. I agree it's a great thing but just wanted t
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  • When I was in the hospital last year I got my breast pump for free. My insurance covered it.
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  • You would have to check the company. Tricare only covers it for premature babies and only in hospital if there is no proof of needing it outside of the hospital. 

  • ...and some only cover manual really need to check with your insurance company first.

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  • My insurance with Blue Cross/Blue Shield covers three double electric ones to choose from, but you cannot order it more than 30 days from your due date.  Some carriers will send one only once you deliver!  It can take a few weeks, so definitely call your provider and see what and when they will provide one for you.  Good luck! 
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  • Our insurance covered the breast pump and there were like 6 brands to choose from. You call Aeroflow (can google them based in Asheville, NC) and they will bill your insurance and all you pay is $25 shipping. Ask for Courtney.
  • @LabPupLuv great to know! I have BCBS too. Thanks for sharing!
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