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How to entertain 6yr olds and 1 yr olds?!?!?

Hey everyone,

My boys will be 1(on 10/2) and 6 (on 10/10) so we are doing a joint party this year.  I have always had my older son's party at event places, but we just bought a house and will be hosting it at home.  It will be Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & Thing 2.  I just don't know what to do when it comes to entertainment.  I want them both to have fun.  What should I do?

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Re: How to entertain 6yr olds and 1 yr olds?!?!?

  • Honestly? I think that's too much for an age different to do a joint party and a 1st birthday is pretty important, so either your 6 year old is going to be slighted or it's going to turn into a 6th birthday with very little 1st birthday.
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  • Unless it's a just family party I would have separate parties. Too much of a gap; anyhow, if you do a joint party you don't need any entertainment for the 1yr old, a couple of toys and "mingling" with people will be more than enough for him
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  • I would focus on the 6 year old in terms of entertainment.  The 1 year old (and any 1 year old friends) won't really need to be "entertained."  I'm sure they'll have plenty of fun watching the big kids and interacting with family members.
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  • Engage them with baby toys and games.
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    One year olds are not going to need a lot entertainment - just your typical one-year old toys.  But, I would recommend a separate area for the babies/toddlers to play in (where their parents can be or can watch) so they don't get overrun by the bigger kids.  We had a fairly large age range of kids at DS's 1st birthday party (ages 1-9) and it got pretty wild towards the end with the bigger kids racing around all over the place. 

    For your 6 year old and his friends - just do whatever activities/games you would normally do for them at a party; just keep it separate (to the extent needed for safety reasons) from the smaller kids.

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