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Philosophy girls..need opinions!

I need some suggestions!  I have a $50 gift card to Sephora--yay!--and I'm wanting to buy some Philosophy stuff.  I already have the HIAJ and Purity. My face still breaks out, mainly around my chin, but has gotten lots better since using Purity aaaaand Bare Minerals ( I finally caved!)  I was just wondering what you girls thought I should get for my occasional acne prone face!?   Thanks :)

Re: Philosophy girls..need opinions!

  • Honestly, other than the On A Clear Day Blemish serum, I haven't found philosophy acne products I love. But I do like the serum! I think I remember Kat saying she swears by it.
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  • I say use it toward a Clarisonic!

    I got one for Christmas, and my face feels awesome already. It seems like my pores look cleaner...every time I use it, I wipe dead skin off my face with my towel, but it isn't abrasive AT feels awesome...Ive tried so many acne products and nothing works except $500/each acid/laser treatments in the plastic surgeon's office.

     I also just got a bar of Lush's coalface soap for my birthday and was really liking it too. I got overzealous with it and it dried my skin out a little so I was taking a break. Then I got the Clarisonic and have been using it with just Cetaphil for now since you're not supposed to use products with grains/beads with it.

    So, this may not help you, but oh well. ;)

    Oh, I did like the philosophy serum that comes with the makeup optional/congested kit...but it didn't do much for my acne. Did make my skin look and feel smoother.

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