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Have her start prek now or just hold off

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I will try to not make this a novel but I need some opinions/advice.

Dh just got promoted at his current job and we will be moving a few states away. Because it starts soon and we are trying to find a home, he is going to move to the location of the new job (about 12 hours away from where we are now). I am going to move with my children to where my parents live until we can figure out housing.

I am struggling to figure out if I should enroll her in prek for the month or two we are living down by my parents or just wait until we move to be with DH. Right now we arent sure where we are going to buy a home. It might be in the town he is working or a smaller community outside the town. So right now I dont even know what preschool she would attend when we move or if they would even let her enroll. DD will be 4 in October.
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Re: Have her start prek now or just hold off

  • How does she handle transitions?  Is she bored?  Do you think there is something to be gained by spending the time with your grandparents?  Is she used to some kind of daycare or something where she'll miss regular interaction with peers? 

    I would say wait.  She has one more year after this to attend as a four year old.  ANd I think it's asking a lot of her to have so many changes.   Dad moves.  She moves somewhere else and then you "dump" her someone she doesn't know.  Then you pull her out to move to a new home, with Daddy, in a new place with a new school.

    If she is like my first child, she'd flourish with all the change and activity.  If she is like my twins, it would be an added transition that created drama, sadness, and stress.  In that case, providing stability and support while at your parents' would be more important, in my opinion.

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