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NY hospital of queens... any opinions??

Hello ladies, 

My OB is affiliated with the NY hospital of queens. And although I live in brooklyn I stayed with her because I feel very comfortable with her and dont want to leave. Has anyone heard anything about this hospital ... The Good the Bad and the Ugly ... I want to know it all :-) 
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Re: NY hospital of queens... any opinions??

  • I don't know anything about their obstetrics dept.  But hubby went through ER and a brief stay and it was pleasant. Parking is hard and the location is a bit chaotic right next to 3 highways and close to flushing one of the most chaotic nabes in queens (IMO)  but the hospital ER was clean the staff was pleasant. 

    If you are going to deliver in queens and not at a private hospital like Forest Hills Hospital-- then this one would be fine.  I personally while I live in queens, do not get my medical care there -- it just doesn't compare IMO to Lenox Hill, Beth Israel or even North Shore LIJ in Long Island
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    I live in Brooklyn and will probably deliver in NYHQ too. I've been using my doctor there for nearly 10 years. My only concern is getting there but I've already scoped out different routes if there's heavy traffic on the LIE or BQE.
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  • I personally had a truly horrible experience there last march. It was for abdominal surgery that I later found out was unnecessary and the surgeon screwed up royally and left me with complications for many months afterwards. I felt my needs were greatly ignored and even other drs questioned my attending's decisions about meds that were known to interact horribly with other meds and conditions I have. However, I feel that this, along with a miserable dr I had there recently, aren't reflective of the hospital in general and I know many of the nurses there are super accommodating. The rooms are tidy and everything is well cared for. I would just recommend being very firm with ppl there and double checking the insurance drs and esp anesthesiologists work with as I got stuck with a monster anesthesiology bill.
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