Gifts for birth mom?

Havent stopped by here in a while :) Any god ideas for a gift for the birth mom after the birth? Thanks!,

Re: Gifts for birth mom?

  • We made DD's BM a gift basket for the hospital.  We put things like travel size hygiene products, comfy socks, chocolates, etc.  I also slipped a card with a hand-written thank you letter.  She seemed to appreciate it and though she seemed prepared with what she packed, a few things we put in the basket did come in handy.
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  • We, depending on the situation, want to give her a bracelet... One that I have, my mother in law gave it to me when I got engaged to her son, she has one and so does my sister in law... It's a special family thing, and we have asked if we can pass this momento onto our birth mother. We are not matched yet, so that is why I say depending on the situation!
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  • We got her a necklace from Tiffany & Co. It is the open heart lariat, which has a small heart and big heart. one heart goes through the other heart in order for the necklace to stay on, so it symbolizes DD and BM, and how they will always be connected.
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  • We got her a photo album to keep the pictures we would send her (which turned out to be reassuring to her as the hospital sw told her we have no obligation to her and we could take the baby and run). We also got her a card and a necklace similar to this one:
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  • We had ordered a custom made necklace from etsy, that never showed. So we did an origami owl locket that had blue baby footprints, the birth stone for parent and baby, the babies initials and a family plate. We also did a Pandora bracelet with the babies initials bookended by two star charms (because she gave us a book for the baby about how we are all connected by the stardust we swallow in the environment). We gave her a print out of all the photos we took at the hospital, and also a set of the 24 best ones in a small photo album and also a blown up 8X10 of her with the baby on her chest minutes after birth. We gave her parents a picture frame with a picture of them holding the baby and a set of photos and we also gave a photo of her sister holding the baby in a pictures frame to the sister.

    We are still planning on doing matching baby books for the kid- but I haven't ordered those yet.
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  • oh we also brought her a basked filled with candies that I know she likes, a "hangout at the hospital" outfit, and a book I thought she'd enjoy.

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  • we gave bm a necklace with 2 hearts and a card she wore it in the hospital while she was recovering from the c/s
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    Thank you!
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