Starting "TOT SCHOOL" this year. So excited! — The Bump

Starting "TOT SCHOOL" this year. So excited!

I am gearing up to start with tot school in the beginning of September. Obviously this is 99% for me and my need for some structured learning/play. 
DS knows (can sing and identify if presented with letters) most of his letters, starting to count and many of his colors (used to know more, but lately everything is "purple" when asked!). 

We are going to do the letter curriculum from 1+1+1=1 along with B4FIAR this year. I have been collecting the FIAR books and we have started reading them at bedtime- they are GREAT. So glad to have a good list of classics to go along with. 

We are also doing three KUMON mini-workbooks (the $3-4 ones) including cutting, pasting and coloring. He really enjoys them so far. 

Is anyone else starting tot school activities with their 2 (or almost 2, like mine!) year old?

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