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Syringe feeding help??

My LC wants Ariana to pack on the lbs ASAP! I'm still weaning her off the nipple shield after her tongue tie procedure. We did a weighed feed and she is not necessarily getting as much as she needs. My LC wants me to pump in the evenings and give her whatever I get after a feeding in a syringe. I just tried and she keeps spitting it out. Any tips on syringe feeding? I don't want to waste what I pumped! She hasn't had a bottle yet and my LC prefers I don't give her a bottle until she gets better at latching with breast feeding. Any advice? I honestly would rather just try a bottle but I'm worried it will affect breast feeding. Thanks ladies!

Re: Syringe feeding help??

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    Is she keeping her tongue down? If not, use the syringe to gently push it down so she can't hold it against the roof of her mouth, and drip the milk on top of her tongue.

    FWIW, in her first week of life DD drank from a bottle, a syringe, my nipple, and a nipple shield, and we experienced no confusion once she got the hang of each. YMMV, but if you really can't get the milk down, I'd reconsider using a bottle with a slow-flow nipple.
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    We use a medela supplemental nursing system. You can get one at buy buy baby or order it from the medela website. It's like a little canteen that hangs from your neck with the supplement in it has two little tubes. You tape them to your breasts and when your DD latches,she also takes one of the tubes and gets the supplement as she breastfeeds. This is what I use with my DD, and it stimulates your milk supply while she's getting the supplement. Alternatively you can use a syringe with a tube and finger feed her. You tape the tube to your finger and place your finger in her mouth, nail side down. These are both techniques my LC taught me. We use the first method, but she'll still take a bottle when we need her to. Here's the supplemental nursing system: https://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/products/51/supplemental-nursing-system-sns

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    Try putting it against her inside cheek area. Works when I do vitamin d drops. Try very very small increments. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the suggestions! :) slow and steady must do it... My LC said to use a bottle if I can't get her to do it. We don't want to waste all my breast milk! I'm glad to hear that not every baby suffer nipple confusion. FX that I can supplement and BF without trouble! That system looks cool too... I will check it out.
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    We just recently had to finger feed with the SNS-like system too and it worked out really well.  We started with a syringe and it was awful - DD kept spitting it all out too.  The tube is so thin and taped to my pinky finger it worked really well and DD sucked really hard, just like a nipple - no spitting out.  The trick is to get your finger pretty far into their mouths since they pull nipples really far into their mouths.  GL!  
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    Our LC had a curved tip syringe for us to use as a finger feeding option. I wish I knew where she got them because it was so much easier and likely cheaper than having to get the other supplemental systems. It's tough using the syringe which we had also started with, and we had lots of spilling too. Good luck!
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