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What time is LO's first birthday?

What time are you planning LO's birthday party? I'm unsure about what time I should have DD's first birthday party. Right now she takes two naps...around 10:00 and 3:00, but its possible that could change in 6 weeks. We will definitely serve a meal, and can go for lunch or dinner. A friend says she does 4:00 parties that way most kids are finished napping no matter what time they go down. Does that seem too late? I can't decide!!
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Re: What time is LO's first birthday?

  • We had my son's first birthday at 1pm.  At the time I planned it, he was having a similar nap schedule to your daughter.  By the day of the party that had changed a little, but we were able to get in a nap before the party and then he ended up falling asleep and taking a little nap at the party after the cake.  (Our party was at a park, so he just slept in his stroller while everyone else hung out)
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    We are doing a lunch party 11-1 because it's between my son's 2 naps. We considered a 3:00 party, after his second nap, but every once in awhile when he has a bad nap day, he's pretty fussy by then. Plus, we wanted to serve a party sub and that seemed more like lunchtime fare. Regardless of our planning, I am sure my son will pick party day to take a really long late morning nap!!
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  • We always have 4:30 or 5pm parties for the kids; everyone's naps are over, it's close to dinner time so people eat everything, leaves lots of time for last minute preparation and decoration and doesn't "break up" the guest's day 

    It's the most common time for kids parties around here
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  • 4 pm is a good time.
  • I was thinking sometime in the 4/5pm range as well.  DS still takes at least two naps, but they change so much on the daily that I think it'll work.  We'll probably try to plan his second nap around one or two so he can sleep and get rested while I run around trying to get last minute things taken care of.  Plus, I like that it's a little later so that people are more likely to hang out and socialize instead of having to run off to finish the rest of their day (my family gatherings frequently run long as we all sit around and talk a lot).
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  • We are doing one because of football schedules. :/
  • He has pushed his morning nap back and it is really long. Plus daycare is prepping him for the toddler room where they only take one nap. We have done 3-5 parties for DS1 and doing the same for DS2's party in a couple of weeks. I don't want to have to feed people a meal and he goes to bed at 7ish.

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  • We did my daughters first birthday at 1pm. There were some people that worried about other people's kids and it being during nap time. I was prepared for some to not come due to that, but in the end, everyone came. Since it was right after lunch, we did desserts and kid type snacks.
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