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Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Food question

I'm in the process of planning DS first birthday party. It will be on a Sunday afternoon so I was originally planning on having sandwiches and such. I've also toyed w the idea of island/jungle themed tailgating type foods (sweet and sour meatballs w pineapple, teriyaki chicken wings...).
I just found out that DH is being given half a cow as a thank you gift - we live in beef country - so now I'm thinking I should use that. I was thinking either steak skewers w pineapple and veggies -or- a steak fajita buffet. Husb thinks just steaks, but w the others they can be cooked an hour or two before and keep better than steaks.

Which do would you enjoy at a party more:

Steak skewers
Steak Fajita Buffet
Steaks (more work making to order)
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