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Vacation with 2 under 2?

We have 5 month and 17 month old.. I booked 3 days at oceancity md for a vacation/hotel has kiddy pool and also on the beach - I also got a suite with kitchen etc. However some have given "advice" not to go / they are too young /6 hour drive too long and DH AND I will be exhausted from taking care of them and not a "vacation" etc bc baby too young for beach... Please give honest advice and opinions do I cancel... I only have 48 hours to do so.. I would hate to get there and have my husband be miserable with all the crying etc. Thanks so much!
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Re: Vacation with 2 under 2?

  • I definitely think it's possible to go and have a good time. Hopefully you will have enough space for everyone to sleep so that your toddler isn't up all night. 5 month olds are pretty flexible. You may not have the most relaxing vacation ever, but you will hopefully be able to make some fun memories.

    We travelled with our first two when they were a little older than that and had a great time.

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  • It's definitely doable, just might not be what you remember as vacationing... In other words, it will be work, but as long as you're flexible and realistic about what you can do / what is worth doing, you should be able to enjoy it. For example, I'd be very careful about timing the car ride with naps/sleep and probably try to break it up with something fun for the kids along the way. Also, you might look into nighttime activities and decide if it's worth splitting up so that at least one night you and your husband can each go out a little... Or if you plan on staying in every night, bring things to do. How close are the quarters? can you watch tv at night without waking the kids? Can you even have the light on? Do the kids have the same nap schedule? if not, who sticks with each kid during daytime naps in the room if necessary? Three days isn't that long, It shouldn't be too difficult as long as you are prepared!

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  • I don't see a problem with that. We did a 10 day vacation at those ages and it was hellish but shorter trips like that aren't too bad. I don't think five months is too young for the beach with proper precautions. I also think long car rides are easier younger vs older. Two toddlers and long car rides was pretty bad but was fine at the ages your kids are at now.
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  • We take our kids to the beach for a week every summer.  Last year DD was 2 and DS was 6months.  Yes he was little, but he still enjoyed the beach.  Just make sure you have an umbrella or tent to keep the baby out of the sun.  Be relaxed with your expectations and don't push your kids too hard.  The hardest part for us is sleeping with all 4 people in one room, its really tough (mostly on DH and I) the kids sleep through each other waking up.  Personally I think 6hrs is a long drive for such a short trip, but it certainly is doable.  We travelled 6hrs with DD when she was 6months and it wasn't too bad.
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