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Pp bleed or period?

This sounds dumb but I' m not sure which it is. I am six weeks pp and I stopped bleeding at 4 weeks but started again today. We had sex twice last week and I bled bright red both times during but not after. What I have now seems like a light period but no cramps or anything. I am EBF so this can't be a period already right? Did I restart or is this leftover from sex? Does this need a call to my MW
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Re: Pp bleed or period?

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    I posted something similar last week. I stopped being 3 weeks pp and at 5 weeks pp I got what I think was a light period. I say period because I had all my usual symptoms... cramps, nausea, back ache, and extreme mood swings. It was very light though. This is almost identical to what happened after my last pregnancy. I'm pumping this time though and had almost no bright red blood but for one day. If you're worried I would call for peace of mind, but it could be a period.
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    I EBF my son, and had my period back by 6 weeks postpartum. It sucks but it happens.
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