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FYI Carseat

While doing some reading on belt positioning (rear facing is below the shoulders), I came across this interesting bit of info. 
Maybe you already know this, but I didn't!

The carry handle must be in the correct position, usually either curved around the top of the seat or under the seat.
Many people mistakenly think that the carrying handle will perform as a "roll bar" in a crash, but in reality, most handles are not designed to withstand the force of a crash. Upon impact, the handle can shatter or break, sending sharp, jagged pieces towards baby or other occupants in the car. CHECK THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Most seats require the handle to either be around the top of the seat or underneath it.  Only a few seats allow the handle to up over the baby during travel.
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Re: FYI Carseat

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    jayro10jayro10 member
    edited August 2013
    Our nurse who walked us out to the car when leaving the hospital told us that. I had never heard of that before so I was glad she told us. I usually don't think about it though, and probably leave it up a lot. Thanks for the reminder not to!
    ETA I just looked at the chart and my Britax can be left in any position. Now I don't feel so guilty. Phew!
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    cesmiley said:

    At the bottom of this page there is a chart that shows how each style seats handle should be. :) Your proof PP! :)
    Thanks, that's very helpful! So according to that chart, all Gracos (and a few others) are all safe in any handle position, right?
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    I had no idea! Thanks for the post.

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    Funny, our Graco has a sticker right on it saying the opposite for ours and I just noticed it a couple weeks ago!!
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