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Morning Nap Drama

LO goes down for her nap and then wakes about 5 minutes later crying and very upset. If I let her go about 30 min later she will calm down and take a nap. Usually that nap still isn't very long but I don't understand what this 5 min thing is about. I don't think she is ready to drop a nap since she does eventually take one but is this a sign that her wake time should be longer? She also has started waking every 2 hours at night. There is always the possibility of teething but when her two top teeth came in, which was recently, she was napping like a champ taking 1 to 1.5 hour naps each day. Any ideas?
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Re: Morning Nap Drama

  • Yeah, I would just push her awake time back 30 minutes to and hour and see what happens.
  • teething/growing/learning a new skill- the list is endless.

    I lay DD down and it can take her anywhere from 5-20 mins to fall asleep.
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  • My DD did this exactly for a week and a half before an eye tooth finally broke through.  She finally has gone back to napping well thank God. 

    When I wasn't sure what it was I extended her awake time also, tried getting her good and tired, giving a big meal before nap and on and on...really I just had to wait for the tooth to break through.  Take heart, it won't last forever.

  • We just went though a 2 week span of bedtime / nap drama like this. Then over this past weekend our LO had THREE TEETH come in! We knew she was teething but I didn't expect all three to come in at once! We did end up pushing her morning nap out an hour and that helped a lot. Luckily now though she's going to sleep at night much more easily on her own. We'll see how nap time goes this weekend.
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