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Need Reassurance

Yesterday I posted about my LO who seems to all the time. Literally. Especially at night. So last night after I felt that she had eaten for a while and I couldn't hear any swallowing, I gave her a paci and handed her to my hubby. The paci fell out, and she started to cry, rooting on my DH. We put the paci back in, and after just a few minutes, she fell asleep for like 5 hours. On the one hand, I felt like that was what she had needed, rather than food. On the other hand, I was scared that I was starving my baby and a terrible mother. So, please reassure me- if she had really been hungry she wouldn't have fallen asleep right?

I'm having a hard time telling when she is truly hungry. Even after eating, she sticks out her tongue, roots, sticks her hand in her mouth.... Could these all be signs of something else? That she is looking to comfort suck? This is so hard! TIA


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    The only experience I have is with DS, but let me tell you: if he's hungry, he will not be satisfied with a pacifier! He'll suck on it for a minute, then spit it out and fuss if he's truly hungry. And for him, there is no such thing as falling asleep hungry!

    I've noticed that sometimes, all he needs to fall asleep is his pacifier (or his thumb, but he has a hard time prying his thumb from the rest of his fist). He'll be all squirmy and fussy and unsuccessfully sucking on his hand, and once that pacifier goes in, he's instantly asleep.

    I don't think you need to worry about being a bad mom. :)

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    I'm going to echo and agree that if your LO was still hungry, a pacifier would not do the trick. My LC told me that a sleepy baby will eventually sleep, but a hungry baby will just keep crying. 
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    My LO constantly sucks on his hands and sticks his tongue out so I have learned they are not hunger cues. I too felt like he was always hungry until I introduced the paci. Then I could tell when he was really hungry and when he wanted to comfort suck. Sounds like you did just the right thing last night. My guy often wants the paci right after eating so he can go to sleep. You aren't starving her. She would let you know.
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    Thanks for the reassurance. My LO, as I've mentioned before eats every hour during the day, and then pretty constantly all evening. It really is excessive. I've had fears that I'm not producing enough, etc. but LO has been gaining weight really well, so it's probably not that. It's exhausting!And obviously LO is not going to be able to eat hourly at daycare. And my poor DH would like to spend time with her as well! Hopefully I get the hang of this! 


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    Glad to hear you tried the pacifier and it worked out! Hopefully she'll keep taking it. If she's really hungry she'll spit out and still scream for food. I know you've been struugling with her nursing all the time. Hopefully this will give you a break and let DH have more time with her, since he can give her the paci during the day too. GL!

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    Yes, your LO will probably spit the pacifier out once she realizes there's no food coming out of it. My LO is VERY dramatic about spitting it out, too. haha 
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